Kindergarten year and the new English course in Kindergarten

Dear all,
The Kindergarten year is end on 21.Feb.2014 . Mrs Christine left from
Kindergarten on 23.Feb together with me and the teachers to Bagan as
excursion . She stayed in Bagan and than we got back .
On 19.Feb.2014 we have a parents meeting in Kindergarten . We invited
all the children’s parents . We gave all the parents cake and coffee .
We have a very good meeting with parents . We spoke about the progress
of children, pedagogical  method , a bout team and how we get helps
from Foerderverein .
All of us , the team in Kindergarten got the educational methods in
Kindergarten . We wear so happy to make the training time with
Christine Kissling and we got a lot of experience .
The Kindergarten year is end and the new English class in Kindergarten
will start soon . This week in Friday , the government school is going
to finish and than I am going to invited godchildren to joy the
English course in Kindergarten during the summer holidays.
I will try to improve the education of the children in Mingun . I am
always grateful to the membership in Foerdervein , in Germany and
Mandalay PDO school .
Kind Regard!!
Kyaw Kyaw
Team and children Parents meeting