Speech of Minister of Religious Affairs, Union Minister U San Sint

Firstly I would like to say thank you that the guests who are in this ceremony. I want to present the current education reform and role of Monastic Education sector in Myanmar.

I’m so happy and great thanks who sponsored that NTTC building who really need of students for better learning. Monastic education sectors has good history since king era that teaches not only Buddhist teaching but also the academic education as mathematic, traditional medicine, art, ethics and social communication.

In constitution, we are going to build the develop and modern nation with education. Why we need it, let go back to 1960, we, Myanmar education is the top one in south east asia and Asia. Now we are in the last, why? The system we misused like the all students must pass the entire grades, rote learning and study on the question which they need to answer , and good point in their exam. Good marks or points only can go to the university which they would like to study. No choice even they are interest or not depend on their points. That is a wrong system and lock the students brain. No thinking, focus on the question and copy the text book to their brain. We need to change in together students, teachers and parents as triangle.

More dass rooms are really important to study comfortable. I have seen some students this NTTC, students and teachers ration is in good shape. The skill of teachers is also important and learning based teaching methodology too. The must well understand in their lessons and well trained. If they don’t know something ask to the senior or use to library and other hands Information and telecommunication also teaching aids in future.

I would like to say thanks you again NTTC sponsor on behalf of Mandalay Regional Government and Ministry of Religious Affairs, that buildings is not only students and but also you are upgrading our human development or resources.

In concluslon, l┬┤d like that motto: Try not to be a man of success but rather than try to be a man of value. For becoming and producing the value students, all teachers and school committee have the responsibilities and let’s try the best for value students and move forward as much as we can.