Excursion of the orphans to the zoo and Citypark

excursion-cityparkIt began with a proposal by Günter Hoffmann (He is a board member of the Förderverein Help Myanmar eV), which  now became an institution: To offer  something special to the orphans from the school hostel, the Ethnic House and the Golden Houses. This year (mid-May) it was an excursion  to the zoo, the City Park and the most famous Pagoda ofMandalay, the Mahamuni Pagoda. The Förderverein  has covered the costs of this highlight  in the lives of orphaned children,  who all live in the PDO: transport by bus, entrance fees, meals and Ks4000 pocket money for each child . A total of 230 children and caregivers were on the way this day: Here is the report of Min Min Zaw, who took a  great  part of organizing this excursion-day.

We took eight buses to go Zoo, City park and Mahamuni pagoda.
We invited all children who are from School Hostel , Ethnic House and
Golden House.

Firstly, we took pure water, bread, juice and lunch boxes for children.Than, We go to Zoo first with all children by buses. We had eaten for lunch at the zoo.

Next we go to city park with children. All children played some merry-go-around and some small boat. And than we went to Mahamuni pagoda for just praying and back to Phaung Daw Oo.

School Hostel – 47 children
Ethnic House – 68 children
Golden House – 97 children
Teachers – 17 persons
All Total – 230 persons

Lunch boxes – 230 boxes
Juice – 230
Bread – 230
Pocket money in Zoo – 2 Euro for each
Pocket money in City park – 2 Euro for each

With best wishes, Min Min Zaw.