TEAMS – End and restart

TEAMS 6 was surprised by the pandemic during the final phase (September 2020) and the training had to be interrupted. All participants were locked in the PDO, which they were not allowed to leave. The political development aggravated the situation from February on. During this time, however, we succeeded in providing Zin Maung with financial means again and again to supply the TEAMS people. Now, with a shortened internship (agreed with us) and a regular final examination, the course was completed. 21 women and 9 men received the certificate and thus have great chances for employment in the teaching sector – one must of course add: as soon as the overall situation is approximately stable again.

TEAMS 7 will start on 01 September and is already scheduled through 31.08.22. This time the education and training will take place with two focal points: firstly, online classes will be supervised, which will be continuously ‘supplied’ with material, assignments and feedback and with which the group of lecturers around Zin Maung will be in constant contact. The second focus is on 5 “Centers for Homeschooling”, which are equipped with material and media and are intended to supply teachers far outside the cities. Both measures are fully financed by the sponsoring association.

We sincerely hope that our staff will remain healthy, will not experience difficulties due to the political situation, and will be able to continue their commitment to providing young people with stable access to teaching and learning.

August 18, 2021 Dr. Roland Forster

PS.: TEAMS steht für “Teaching english at monastic Schools”

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