Learning together and meeting friends despite Covid19

Our children in Mingun and Mandalay are of course always very close to our hearts. Due to the covid situation in Myanmar, the schools are unfortunately still schools are unfortunately still closed. We were worried that our children would lose learning and the connection to their friends. So our local manager Kyaw Kyaw together with our great teachers in Mingun came up with a great program: PLE. PLE stands for preventing the loss of learning. The kindergarten and school children from the village were brought together to play and learn together. They were excited that the boredom without their friends was finally interrupted. They took the chance to meet and practice a little for school, which will hopefully start again soon, and also to meet their friends again. Unfortunately the program had to be stopped again due to increasing Covid-19 infection numbers.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that school can start again soon.

2021-08-05 Saskia Bülow