Second rice donation for Mingun













The food situation in Mingun remains very difficult. One of the godchildren reported that the villagers collect wild bamboo sprouts to feed their families. So everybody was very grateful when the second round of our rice donation took place and the queues were long. Again our school bus was used by Kyaw Kyaw and his helpers to donate the staple food rice. This second donation was made possible by the generous contribution of a member of Foerderverein


Families of the godchildren are happy about the unexpected visit and the donation of the sponsoring godparents.


Families of godchildren were especially glad about the unexpected visit by our staff members in Mingun. Here a bag of rice and a sum of money donated by the godmother were handed to the small family in their home


2020-10-18   Wolfgang Müller-Wind

Photo-Copyright: Förderverein Myanmar e.V.