Rice donation for Mingun

After the first rice donation campaign in Mandalay via Moe Moe’s house, there has now also been a distribution in Mingun to poor families. And poor are actually all of them, because the public life in Mingun, which was mainly created by the tourists, is completely down. No ship docks anymore, no tourists come across Sagaing Bridge, yawning emptiness, as you can see on the photos. All stalls with souvenirs, clothes and food have been dismantled, the schools and kindergarten are closed. The biggest pagoda like the white one are also closed with white – red ribbons. The lockdown has put the inhabitants of the village in a state of rigidity, everyone stays alone, withdraws. And that in this otherwise crowded village!

Our school bus, which we have rented a year ago, but which no longer transports the children, has been converted into a delivery vehicle. Kyaw Kyaw used it to fetch the rice sacks and then distributed the rice in the small vessels or in the skirts brought along directly at the entrance to the village. A grateful smile, dedicated to the support of our association, was the result of this action. Another donor will make a second rice campaign possible next month. Many thanks to all supporters of our action, so that the people in Mingun receive their basic food, fruit and vegetables are at least available for self-cultivation. Even clean water is still supplied The world hopes for a reliable vaccine. So do we!.

2020-09-26 Marianne Granz

In the following we show a few photos whose quality is poor. We will try to get photos in better quality soon.

Wz Web ReisspendeMingun 01
Wz Web ReisspendeMingun 02
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