Living Sponsorships : Nann Htar Kyi – A Pa-Oh girl in Mandalay

In our series „Living Sponsorships“ we report today about a young woman, who is supported since 7 years by Brigitte Falkenstein und her colleague Nathalie Brennecke. Like many children from the ethnic minorities Nann Htar Kyi came as 12 years old girl to Phaung Daw Oo School Mandalay where she lives until now. After 9th Standard, which is one year prior to the final exam, she should skip school and return back home to help her family with farm work and contribute to the family’s livelihood. Fortunately the parents could be convinced about the importance of a good education for Nann Htar Kyi’s future. Today Nann Htar Kyi as youngest child of the family is not only the first to successfully finish school but also the only of the family who attends university. That this is possible is mainly the result of the support by her godmothers.
Nann Htar Kyi‘s example shows the importance of godparenthoods for university students. The godparenthoods help that the young people can realize their wish for a good education and a secure future.

Below you can read what Nann Htar Kyi herself writes about the godparenthood:

I am Nann Htar Kyi, a Pa-Oh ethnic girl. I was born in an upland, Linn Lay village within Southern Shan state. My parents are farmers and they could not support me for my further education after I finished standard 6. Thus, I moved to Phaung Daw Oo school in 2011 due to everything is free for education. Currently, I am a third year university student.
It was 2013, when I received a notification from Foerderverein Myanmar e. V. that I was adopted by two German ladies. Since then, they have been supporting me for over six years financially and emotionally. More important for me, who has family financial difficulty, without compassion from them I would not been able to finish my High School. I graduated High School smoothly with their help. For the next many steps, they supported not only my living expenses, but also encouraged me to join some higher education programs. So I joined Phaung Daw Oo Pre-college Program, Mandalay (Diploma in Social Sciences) in 2019 and Parami Leadership Program, Yangon (Diploma in Liberal Arts & Sciences) in 2020.
I really thank Brigitte and Nathalie for their unconditional support every month and any time I need it. With the help from Nathalie and Brigitte, I didn’t need to be worried about my living expenses and university fees. Without getting a hand from them, it won’t be easy for me to study in time step by step. They are timeless parents and friends for me and I am also trying to be an educated vice versa to gratitude.

2020-08-12 Brigitte Falkenstein