Encouragement: “Fan mail” from Barcelona

That is badly┬á needed in Corona times. This┬á postcard reached us from an unknown “fan” who recently stayed in Barcelona. He just finished his Master of Science ( MSc ) in North Rhine-Westphalia. We see it as an encouragement to continue with our work, especially in Corona times and despite our harsh criticism of the Rohinga policy of the current government.

Only education and education for critical thinking broadens horizons, so that at some point one can discuss these aberrations freely and openly.

One thing is certain, we will take up our support work to the full extent as soon as it is possible again. At present, for example, it is not possible to send experts. Even in the long term, these cannot be scheduled. This does not affect our daily support in matters of school nutrition , financial support for teaching and office staff and, in particular, the support of the godchildren. Especially the support of the sponsored students requires patience and perseverance on the part of the sponsoring parents. After all, sponsored students are supported with 40 Euro per month. To give  children of pre-school age the chance of a solid education, they can be  supported with 10 Euro per month.

The waiting list is long. If you are interested in a sponsorship, you can contact “F├Ârderverein Myanmar e.V.”┬á via our website (https://www.help-myanmar.net/index.php/de/spenden-und-helfen.html).

2020-07-23 Karl Bruch