Consequences of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Mingun

Plant donation: The plants already thrive on the site

In his last email the principal of the school Kyaw Kyaw told us about the consequences of the Covid 19 Pandemic for Mingun and its habitants. He and his family are still living in the school as before, but life in Mingun is not as it was before: The busy village, where almost everyone is a seller, depends on tourism. But because of the pandemic no tourists come to Mingun and the sights and Pagodas are closed. Only some shops and roads are open. Until now the number of infected persons has been increasing in Myanmar.

Then he informs us about the school plan for the new academic year. This year all schools will start later. The kindergarten and primary school will start in August according to the information from the monastic school they cooperate with. But there has already been a meeting with the teachers to make a plan.

The numbers of students in the different classes are about the same as the years before, but as the school has increased, there is one more class(G-4) and so they had to add one more teacher. They ask the FVM for the salary for this teacher for the next academic year.

Because of the lockdown in March, Kyaw Kyaw could not make his English training during the summer holidays.

He has got some flower plants and fruit plants that are already growing around the school. But what is urgently needed are all kinds of movement toys for the playground, as well as stationary, paper and colours for kindergarten and primary school. All teachers have already drawn their curriculum and added basic computer teaching for the children.

Early July 2020 Gisela Dobmann / Kyaw Kyaw Mingun

The currently closed kindergarten
Also the primary school ( class 1 – 3 ) is closed
Also the new primary school ( class 4 ) is still without children