Modern learning methods in times of Corona

Zin Maung Maung as head of TEAMS – Teaching English Association for Monastic Schools has written us the following message:

In the response to the current pandemic and in order to limit spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19); for the safety of all students, trainees, foreign volunteers and staffs, TEAMS has been temporarily closed since 18 March 2020.

Our program, TEAMS creates a diverse, inclusive community which can access English Language learning through modern teaching methods to improve the quality of education in monastic schools nationwide; reaching out to Myanmar Society in a variety of ways. So, we would like to give opportunities to our trainees to study at home even though training is temporarily closed.

Our trainees are able to continue their learning through online learning platforms including Zoom and Showbie. We created a messenger group to teach individually from Monday to Friday. Then we also organize online teaching twice a week through zoom by foreign lectures. Professor Karen Taylor Burge form London, UK teaches about ‘A good education’ Topic on every Wednesday and Teacher Richard teaches about English speaking and grammar on every Thursday. Administration team members guide the trainees as study mentors. 30 trainees from different region join the lessons. It is almost in 5th week of online teaching.
When the official announcement is released by government, we will start our training again.

May 2020   Zin Maung Maung