Direct delivery of protective masks for Mandalay and Mingun

Patenkinder in Mingun nach Verteilung der Masken / Godchildren in Mingun after distribution of masks


A big thank you is given to our member Mr. Hartkamp. He has organized the delivery of 600 mouth-nose-masks, which were sent from China directly to Dr Tin Shein from the school clinic of Phaung Daw Oo (PDO). This is a great contribution to avoid the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus.
The masks have been distributed already. One part remains for the school clinic, another part is intended for our godchildren in Mingun and Mandalay. Masks have also been given to Golden House, for distribution to those children who stay on the PDO campus while the school is locked down.


Dr. Tin Shein (left) and U Win Nyint (right) from PDO office / Dr  Tin Shein (li.) und U Win Nyint (re) vom Büro der PDO



Yi Yi Mon (li), Leiterin des Golden House Wohnheimes, bei der Weitergabe der Masken / Yi Yi Mon (left) leader of Golden House dormitory, upon distribution of the masks