Rice donation: First successes

Foerderverein helps us to be happy when it come to really difficult times during Covid19 .
Reissäcke, die ein wenig glücklich machen, in dieser schwierigen Zeit der Corona Krise.


Only a few days after the start of the fundraising campaign, enough money had already been received to make a first transfer to Myanmar. Immediately rice, eggs, oil and salt were bought and distributed. Win Aung sent us a series of photos and a report. Both can be found below. Of course the fundraising campaign continues. At the end of this article you will find the “donation button”. Many thanks in advance.

18. April 2020 kb

Win Aung wrote:

I would like to say big thanks to every member and donor who supported our staff during COVID 19 stay at home and in this difficult time.

Totally we gave 46 rice bags and 2 godchildren families, eggs, eatable oils, and salt.

All people are very happy and thank the “Förderverein” in these hard times

We also donated 4 bags of rice and 100 eggs to the PDO and hostel children.

Be Safe, healthy and happy to all,

Totally we gave 46 rice bags and 2 godchildren families, eggs, eatable oils, and salt.
Reis für Patenkinder Familien, staff des Fördervereins, für die Projekte TEAMS und Tourismus in Mingun und Mandalay.


Große Freude über Reis, Eier, Öl und Salz
Great pleasure for the families and the hostel „golden house“ taking now Rice, oil, eggs and salt


Aung Pan und Dr. Shin Thein beim Empfang ihrer Spende.
Dr. Shin Thein receives His donation

If godparents want to help their godchildren and families with an extra-support during these difficult times, they can transfer the amount to the account of Förderverein Myanmar e.V. (Deutsche Bank – IBAN: DE48 5907 0070 0055 0665 00). The money will be paid out 100% to the family of the godchild. For correct allocation the name and the ID of the godchild plus the remark “Extra-Support” should be mentioned on the bank transfer.

In the name of our godchildren we say „thankyou“ for each amount additionally donated.

Of course, you can also donate without being a member of the Förderverein e.V., or to care for a godchild. Simply enter “rice donation” as the intended purpose. The donation receipt will be sent to you later.

We have set up a Paypal donation button here. If the donation goes through Paypal, you will automatically receive a donation receipt, because we know the sender address. If you donate via the normal account of the Förderverein, you have to enter as reason for payment “rice donation” and your address, so that we can issue a donation receipt.

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