The expert for the godchildren – Brigitte Falkenstein – visiting on site

Brigitte handing over letters to the godchildren. Here at the kindergarten in Mingun.

Brigitte Falkenstein is “our specialist for the care of the godchildren”. At the beginning of February she travelled to Myanmar in this capacity. Here a short report. KB

Beginning of February I spent one week in our office in Myanmar. Together with our staff in Mandalay and Mingun we exchanged ideas how to improve the administration of godchildren. But we also discussed what can be done to intensify the contact between godchildren and godparents in both directions.
In Mingun Kyaw Kyaw has organized a meeting with the parents of our godchildren. The participation was very high. We explained to the parents how important it is that the children have regular contact to their godparents – even if unfortunately often they do not get any reply to their letters.
During my stay I also had the opportunity to hand-over myself letters, which I had brought to Myanmar. It was great to see how happy the children and students were receiving an envelope from their godparents. In interest of our godchildren I hope that in future much more letters will find their way to Myanmar.

March 2020 Brigitte Falkenstein. All photo rights with Brigitte Falkenstein and Förderverein Myanmar e.V.

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Briefübergabe in unserem Büro in Mandalay
Handing over letters in our Mandalay office

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Brigitte mit den Patenkind-Betreuerinnen Thandar Htun (li.) und Lae Lae (re.)
Brigitte with Thandar Htun (left) and Lae Lae (right), being in charge for our godchildren in Mandalay.

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Treffen mit den Eltern der Patenkinder von Mingun
Meeting with the parents of our godchildren in Mingun

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Das Intetesse der Eltern war sehr groß, wie man sehen kann.
As one csn see, the interest of the parents was very high.