The solar project goes on

Visist in Ywar Thar Aye and demonstration of the battery-check
Visist in Ywar Thar Aye and demonstration of the battery-check

Karl Bruch , member of the board of the “Förderverein Myanmar e.V. ” arrived in Mandalay 4th of February. Karl Bruch ist responsible for technical questions including the Information Technologie and Solar energie. During the next remaining 4 weeks he is going to support the Computer School of PDO. Then he has a special task to provide small villages near Mandalay which are excluded from every electrical energy with solar lamps.

Karl Bruch will be here in Mandalay for continuing  the project which began over a year ago.
More “solar villages” should be added. Yesterday our group visited the village of Hlaing Gun. It is from his peasant structure just like the two neighboring villages of Sin Gun and Ywar Thar Aye during the rainy season sometimes completely enclosed by the Ayeyarwady. The houses are built on stilts. Now, in the dry season, the boats are covered with dust in the fields near the village. There is no public power supply at all. In addition to the effect that the families receive cost-effective, environmentally friendly solar light, a lot of money is washed onto a solar account. Each family pays 1000 ks per month, 90% remain in the community. We’ve changed the business model slightly: the Solarman (he collects the money) has to come from the community, he will get a multi-day qualifying for maintenance and care of the lamps and a small supply of functioning batteries.
The batteries have been found to be a technical weakness of the lamps. To organize a continuous supply and replacement also is an aim of his stay.