New projects in Mingun: Nutrition and transportation for the Kindergarten and School Kids

In July and August this year Gisela Dobmann was in the Phaung Daw Oo Monastic High School – PDO for short – to further promote the training of teachers. As a board member of the F├Ârderverein Myanmar e.V. (FVM) she also visited the institutions in Mingun. In addition to the new extension building for the primary school, there are also “collateral benefits”, i.e. positive side effects.

November 5, 2019 kb

The primary school is growing, the amount of children is increasing. Beside more furniture and good school training there are still other important things we take care of.
Especially those children, who are living far away, are very grateful for a warm lunch, that has been offered since this year in the kitchen of the Kindergarten. The 25 children of the Kindergarten still bring their own lunch from home, for the 48 Primary School children the school principalÔÇÖs wife prepares a tasty lunch. So all the children can have lunch together at 12 p.m. The kitchen is only sparsely equipped. There are already some pots and pans as well as a cooker, but I was surprised to see that something very important is missing: a refrigerator. How can you keep food fresh in the extremely high temperatures? This would be a necessary purchase. So, if you are still looking for a concrete object for your donation, think of our Primary school!
There is another project to be financially supported by the FVM: the blue Toat Toat School Bus. It transports all children, especially those who are living far away, safely to school and back

In August 2019, Gisela Dobmann