Health Check of godchildren

Förderverein regularely organizes health checks for all godchildren, which is free of charge. Also this time the examination was done by Dr Thin Shein, who is a doctor at the school clinic of Phaung Daw Oo school (PDO).

For the godchildren in Mandalay the health check took place in the premises of the school clinic.

For the health check of the godchildren in Mingun Dr Thin Shein has travelled with some helpers thereto. The examination took place in the Garden School and in Kindergarten.

If the health check shows that a godchild needs a continuing treatment, this can this be done at the school clinic of PDO. This is also free of charge for all godchildren – irrespective whether they are from Mandalay or Mingun.

Only in case a severe illness is diagnosed during the examination, which needs a special and expensive treatment, we will contact the godparents of that child and ask whether they are willing to financially support such treatment.

Begin of June 2019 Brigitte Falkenstein

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