New primary school Mingun: The construction progress

Since the foundation stone was laid at the end of January 2019 – in Myanmar a stick is being driven into the ground instead – a lot has happened on the construction site. The foundations were already excavated at the beginning of February. Immediately afterwards, the base plate was cast. On the current photos Kyaw Kyaw sent us, we can see that the steel reinforcements for the piers are already braided. Some of the reinforcements are already in place so that the next step is to cast the piers.

The Förderverein has secured financing for the shell construction and part of the dry lining. However, at the beginning of the new school year in June, the two-storey building must be furnished. As with the first new school building, we have the furniture made by local carpenters. All in all the equipment will cost several thousand Euros. If you want to donate for this school project, you can do it here. With thanks in advance

31 March 2019 Kyaw Kyaw / Karl Bruch