Four students of the HTW Saarbrücken at the tourism project in Mandalay

Service Learning in the Tourism Assistant Project (TAP) 2018 with 4 HTW students:
Sabrina Kleemann, Olivia Jaron, Laura Wallrich and Laura Kuhfus

Their topics were general business administration and all questions about tourism.
The young Burmese trainees should learn to plan their own start up and present it to the
four students in group presentations at the end of their stay. That was on 10th October
2018, but until then they have had 6 weeks to train, how to plan, what finances you need,
how to design an advertising campaign, which images are most effective and how to
represent yourself well in English.
Our three board members (Wolfgang Müller – Wind, Marianne Granz and Roland Forster)
were able to see for themselves during their visit in November that this was a great success.
Comment: impressive independent performance with concise product description,
marketing and financing.
The students also trained intensively during these 6 weeks how to plan sustainable tourism,
what English knowledge you need, examined in small repetitive tests, and how to work in
front of a group. The TAP students had never done such intensive training before. They were
unanimously described after these weeks as much more self-confident and confident in their
performance. A great achievement of the HTW students from Saarbrücken.
Of course there were also wonderful excursions to Bagan, the waterfalls and other sights
around Mandalay.
To the sustainable tourism there was the participation in the cleaning day, also a great
experience with the aim to develop an individual understanding how to defend oneself
against the plastic garbage all over Asia, how to consciously avoid plastic or at least collect it
and bring it to recycling.At the end of their reports, the HTW students also gave us tips on how we could better
prepare and coordinate service learning on site. This will be taken into account in the next
Our trainees are now in their internships.
Then the exams are on the agenda. We keep our fingers crossed that Ohmar, who in the
meantime has been awarded for her commitment and her profound achievements, will
design the exam in such a way that as many people as possible pass the exam. Jobs wait!
The TAP continues, we have already agreed with the HTW. In addition, Abbot U Nayaka will
further enhance the project and develop it into a PIU degree course – his university vision.
The Förderverein of Myanmar would like to thank all those involved for this excellent
project, which will continue to be so worthwhile in the future.

13. February 2019 Marianne Granz