New board of “Förderverein Myanmar e.V.” elected

On 23 November 2012 the Förderverin Myanmar e.V held its annual general meeting. A new board was elected. In essence, the old board was re-elected.

The new board is composed as follows:

Dr. Konrad Krajewski, President
Marianne Granz, Vice President
Günter Hoffmann, Vice President
Karl Bruch, assessor
Irmela Freigang, assessor
Dr. Franz Josef Gerner, assessor
Mandy Krajewski, assessor
Frido Woll, assessor

Frido Woll has renounced his candidacy as vice president. He has, however, agreed to belong to the board as assessor and to support the association in the fields health and school lunches.

Sibel Klink, Stephanie Maurer and heath Raff have renounced his candidacy.

The election of the new Board was unanimous.