Solarlight and rainy season

In November last year (2011) the two neighboring villages of Sin Gun (Elephant Iceland) and Your Thar Aye were equipped with solar lights (400 in total) that were  kindly been provided by Stiftunglife.

A week ago, we got these two photos from Sin Gun (Elephant Iceland). Yet the end of September the water of Ayeryawady was so high that the houses could only be reached┬á by boat. Not always the water is so high, but it is also not unusual. Anyway, there is also during rainy season still plenty of sunlight, and so is the supply of heavenly ligth┬á easely granted. No one needs to row the boat to the nearest store to buy candles, kerosene or batteries. An enormous “logistical” relief.

rainy season in September 2012 at Sin Gun


Sin Gun ( Elephant Island ) during rainy season in September 2012