For the third time as an expert for teacher training at NTTC – Dorothea Essig-Bruch reports


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Tell me, I forget.
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Teacher Training at NTTC (New Teacher Training Center) and TEAMS (Teaching English Association at Monastic Schools) from expert Dorothea Essig-Bruch
For the third time I came over as a teacher trainer to PDO. For this academic year some new teachers have been employed. So we have to step up our topics: classroom management, rules, disciplin, students’ centered lessons, how to get informations, problem solving,…The teachers learn to step aside from the usual route.
In TEAMS future teachers on monastic schools are trained. They get lessons in general knowledge (social studies, politics, history) and in English language. Here I give English lessons.
The photos were taken in the PDO-English Library and during a field-trip to a mango tree gardener, who grows young mango trees.