NTTC: Teacher Training in Methodology and Didactics

As most of the teachers have little preparation in methodology and didactics, e.g. the use of media in class and student-centered learning, the institution is asking SES-expert Mrs Essig-Bruch to help realize the program of ÔÇťcontinuous qualification of teachers in new pedagogical skillsÔÇŁ. This will mean
Developing and improving programs to qualify young and inexperienced teachers ÔÇô in cooperation with FVM and local organizers
Planning teaching units
Evaluating teachersÔÇÖ methodological skills and their progress in teaching
Training in class-management

The assignment target is an overall upgrade of the quality of education at Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education High School through long-term teacher training

The topics in the first week were
1. Cooperative learning (theory and practice)
2. Child Rights (information and lesson planning)
3. Rules and rules’ agreements in the classroom and the NTTC (positive behaviour and rules’ implementation)

The group consisted of 12 teachers with more or less teaching experience (first year to ninth year).
We met every morning for a workshop.

25.10.2015 Dorothea Essig-Bruch