5 Years New Teacher Training Center ( NTTC )

Sayadaw U Nayaka
Welcome to students and teachers
I´d like to remember that New Teacher Training Center (NTTC) started in 2011 and still now in Phaung Daw Oo Monastic High School with modern teaching methods.
The teachers in NTTC are educating to the students from poor families who do not have an opportunity for education. The students in NTTC learn every subject in English except Myanmar subject for mother tongue that means English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects.
What we have observed in these years:
It is a learner centered approach in high school level. Rote learning or teacher centered approach are done away.
Students will develop skills in critical thinking, writing, research, collaboration, as well as owning their learning and effecting change.
They know what a debate is, there is a knowledge of brainstorming, dialogue and environmental education.
They have practiced free speaking- without paper and guided speaking-with paper by looking.
The methods: Think, pair, share and mingling around are well-known.
Multimedia is appreciated and more IT education is required, like empowering students through multimedia storytelling.
The students express their feelings and opinions openly in NTTC classes.
A school partnership with the Montessori High School in Saarbrücken has begun.
Wonderful! Great success for you – the teachers – and great success for you as students. You said in your inauguration speech: “We all are happy studying in NTTC classes with small amount of the students and with lovely teachers. And further….” It is a unique lovely kindness of Phone Phone Gyi who helps us to be brighter our future. In the same way, the donors of NTTC are taking an important role as well to upgrade our Education. We are absolutely delighted by our glorious school building, NTTC.”
Today we are writing 2015 – is it true for you until today? I think so.
Second message: NTTC students and teachers learn from foreign volunteer teachers. That contents a great chance for new ideas and a better pronunciation. That is a guarantee avoiding rote learning and coming to acquire knowledge and comprehension independently.
Knowledge, competences, skills, motivation and personal abilities are enhanced by all the volunteers.
Therefore teachers have to become aware of individual differences in learning, and they have acquired a basic understanding of individual learning processes.
You as teachers have learned that the role of the teacher, therefore, can no longer be seen as an autonomous expert. You play the role of a teaching coach. So you have understood that the concept of teaching and testing is extended into a modern form of consulting and acquisition of experience. That are your didactic principles!
And you know what preparation means! An efficient preparation of teaching units and the lessons is a precondition for the realization of the didactic principles.
Further you have learned how to train assessment in terms of examination, tests, written exams, presentations, projects, seminar papers and homework; you have verified whether the student reaches the agreed aims.
At least you have learned how to encourage, accompany and promote the development of the students’ personalities.
And in December 2014 you´ve got the opportunity to learn management, administration, and organization and management cycle.
Julie or Thantar Moe, our manager of NTTC, noticed that you have not only concentrated in your teachings but also you need to fulfill the conceptual management of School or Organization. Hence, you got an instruction how to use the Basis Management, Administration, Organization and Management Cycle Training which we paid as Förderverein.
Today I ´d like to say NTTC is a new shining star on the area of the PDO.
Don´t forget – best education is the best way for a better life with a good job.
You have taken your chances in learning and teaching. Congratulation and we wish you a bright future.
What are your current challenges? Let´s talk about it, later!

Marianne Granz, 12th October 2015

U Nayaka: Principal of Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education High School