Community Music PDO, Mandalay

Children of the ethnic dormitories with Khaw Dee and Tun Tun Win
Foto: Eberhard Jahn

Since one year Förderverein Myanmar ( FVM ) runs a Music Project at PDO in Mandalay. Children and young adults meet every evening in a classroom to make music. The inhabitants of the ethnic dormitories, a group of children of the many different indiginous peoples of Myanmar, come from villages far away, and get accomodation, food and education. They love music, and come full of enthusiasm to the music evenings. The young novices, living at PDO, are also very engaged, and experience music as enrichment and a new quality of life in their community.

Khaw Dee, Managerin der Community Music   Foto: Eberhard Jahn
Khaw Dee, Manager of Community Music Foto: Eberhard Jahn

The Music Project started after holidays again in June 2015 with a new concept.There are two people in the center of Community Music, Khaw Dee and Tun Tun Win,leading the group since months.

She gives her capacities and experiences in social and pedagogical work, and cares about the children and young people.

He gives his musicality, and is on the way to become a good music teacher.

Supported by FVM, Tun Tun Win gets musical education at Gitameit Music Center in Mandalay, and gets lessons in guitar, singing and theory.

Tun Tun Win, Musiklehrer der Community Music    Foto:Eberhrd Jahn
Tun Tun Win, Music Teacher of Community Music
Foto:Eberhard Jahn

Every evening he plays music with the children and novices.Khaw Dee helps with teaching, and is the manager of the Music Project.

Dr. Mechtild Jahn-Langenberg ( Mela ), FVM Coordinator Music Project PDO

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