Experiences at PDO – Music Project 12, 2014: report from Mechtild Jahn-Langenberg

Myanmar 10.11.-25.12.2014 238Six weeks in Mandalay Mrs. Jahn-Langenberg accompanied his husband, Eberhard Jahn, who worked as a teacher trainer for sciences and mathematics, send by the Senior Expert Service, Bonn, and the Förderverein Myanmar, Saarbrücken.

As guests of PDO they met many people, living and working for the school, telling stories and discussing with them needs for further development. Principal U Nayaka, manager Win Aung and library teacher Khaw Dee, reflected with them about a music and art project.

Sponsored by an Australian NGO during the last six months a music project took place with difficult experiences for the involved people.During the days of the stay from Mrs. Jahn – Langenberg in PDO the structured music classes finished.

It would be interesting to get some information about the motifs about starting this project in order to learn more about chances for a new music project to survive.

Myanmar 10.11.-25.12.2014 237What remains and lives until today – February 2015 – is a group of nearly 30 children from the ethnic house and young adults, novices, who meet every evening, full of enthusiasm to learn and their love for music.

Central person in helping with organization, support and spirit is Khaw Dee, the library teacher.Musical center is Tun Tun Win, a very gifted young man, living in the
hostel, playing the guitar and singing with great musical skills. He teaches the group in playing the guitar three times a week.His talents were nurtured by the Förderverein for a long term and his further development is already supported.PDO engaged for half a year, two times a week, a guitar teacher from Gitameit Music Center in Mandalay, who teaches the other two days of the week.

Myanmar 10.11.-25.12.2014 235The need for music is obvious, and Mrs. Jahn – Langenberg guesses, in this large community of PDO there are more little islands of music and art, now unconnected, but being visible and audible sometimes in their own rhythm and free growth. She likes giving more support soon.