Five-Year-Plan: IT-development-plan for monastic schools in Myanmar

Objective: Realizing Server room and two classrooms
Time frame: Jan 2015 – Apr 2015
Location: PDO Mandalay Server room and two classrooms

    Check and update current network setup
    Create power setup, including backup source
    Locate suppliers of hardware, software, licenses
    Install electric installation in server room and two classrooms
    Install network cabling in server room and two classrooms
    Prepare server room (clean, paint, dust free, air-conditioning)
    Prepare classrooms (clean)
    Install networking units (routers, switches) Install server hardware and backup power source
    Install VM-Hosts and 3 VM’s
    Configure domain controller, file server, terminal server
    Configure security: anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-malware Install and connect workstations in classrooms
    Create user manual and administration manual

4000 Eu – Preparation of Server room
7500 Eu – Hardware: Networking and Cabling
7000 Eu – Hardware: Server

Globalonly: Hardware Server 7000 Eu
Foerderverein Myanmar: Networking and Cabling 7500 Eu

PDO, Foerderverein Myanmar, Globalonly Foundation