Myanmar Intern Issue 8/2012

Recently  the latest issue of Myanmar Internal  8/2012 has been published. It includes three contributions:

First: Foreword by president Dr. Konrad Krajewski

Second:Dr. Barbara Korsukewitz-Eisenbach and Frido Woll write about the godchildren.

Third:  The full trip report by Günter Hoffmann about his trip in February 2012 in the PDO.

At the moment we only can offer the german editon of Myanmar Intern. During the next days we will provide translations of the contributions

Read here the full german text . In the german issue You may also regard all fotos belonging to the following texts.

Part 1: Foreword by president Dr. Konrad Krajewski

Informations and news for our members

Dear members and friends, welcome to the 1st “Intern” 2012,

the board of the Foerderverein thanks for your support and solidarity during the turbulent year 2011.

Now the number of members is increasing continuously; more godparents decided to support a child or a student in our projects in Mandalay or Mingun, although the monthly rate for a student is currently 36 euros, due to the great inflation of the kyatt. As you know, each euro is spent directly to the godchildren. They get this money for their education.

Dr. Barbara Korsukewitz-Eisenbach and Frido Woll present a detailed information concerning the godchildren in this “Intern”.

By another report, written by Guenter Hoffmann, you will read about his stay in Myanmar in February.

Our vice-president Marianne Granz, and me, we will visit our projects in Myanmar on April 16th. If you want to give letters to your godchildren to us, please send them to the indicated address at the last page of this “Intern”.

We have to pass a big agenda: dialogues with U Nayaka about all the projects, meetings with Win Aung and the members of the staff, audits in situ concerning the year 2011, visits in Mingun, meetings with Thant Zin, with Eric and Mr. von Jordan in Bagan, visit of the German Embassy in Yangon, and so on…

Despite the big work, we are looking forward to this visit because of the political thaw in Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi will be able to raise her voice in the parliament after the by-election on April 1th. This makes us curious! The EU wants to loosen its sanctions already in this year, if the way to freedom and liberality will be continued.

We will inform you, whether the governmental change reaches the people and whether the quality of life changes positively.

Nevertheless our help will be requested even for a long time, because we support the really poor people, we give them hope for a better life by education and training.

Sincerely yours

Dr. Konrad Krajewski

Part 2: Dr. Barbara Korsukewitz-Eisenbach and Frido Woll write about the godchildren.

The support of our godchildren

Currently the Foerderverein Myanmar is supporting about 500 godchildren, most of them in Mingun. 10% are students, the others are children of each stage, beginning with the kindergarden, which are supported by our local staff.

Last year all godchildren have been registered in our file and checked by doctors.

The godparents have been informed in some cases and asked for help, if the living conditions of the families had changed seriously.

For the godchildren in Mingun and other little villages, preparing their graduation exam, we organized the transport and the stay in Sagaing, locality of the test. The costs over 30 euros per child were paid by the godparents. During the exams the godchildren are sleeping and eating in other monasteries nearby.

Another problem for the children are the bad school conditions in the national schools, due to the bad training and the bad payment of the teachers.

However, exams are organized centrally and very strict. So it doesn’t wonder , that the failure quota is about 70% in Mingun.

In the past we organized the so called tuition in some cases, but we didn’t have a real success for the participating students. Therefore we engaged our own teachers, who exclusively teach our godchildren. Thus we have the possibility to control presence and learning success. The costs have to be paid by the godparents. They can be paid in the course of the year.

After more then 10 years of support for the godchildren by our wellknown burmese letter girls, most of them had retired due to the change of their job. New tudors had to be found for the godchildren in Mandalay and Mingun, to be trained and incorporated.

Personal visits of the young supervisors to each godchild twice a year are planned. Reports of this visits have to be presented.

The individual approach between godparents and godchild should bi intensified by more correspondance.