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We are a non-profit association and in Myanmar (Burma), one of the poorest countries in the world, we are engaged in raising the standard of education of children and young people. Here are our guidelines to enable people to rely on their own abilities and help themselves and Learning by Doing. In our opinion helping does not mean giving presents. Helping the people in Myanmar can only be effective if it gives them a chance to organize for themselves a life without hunger and need. Read more


  • Second rice donation for Mingun

    Allgemein | Spenden Help Myanmar e.V. | 18.10.2020

    godchildren reported that the villagers collect wild bamboo sprouts to feed their families. So everybody was very grateful when the second round of our rice donation took place and the queues were long. Again our school bus was used by Kyaw Kyaw and his helpers to donate the staple food rice. This second donation was made possible by the generous contribution of a member of Foerderverein
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    We have set up a Paypal donation button here.
  • Rice donation for Mingun

    Allgemein Help Myanmar e.V. | 27.09.2020

    After the first rice donation campaign in Mandalay via Moe Moe’s house, there has now also been a distribution in Mingun to poor families. And poor are actually all of them, because the public life in Mingun, which was mainly created by the tourists, is completely down. No ship docks anymore, no tourists come across Sagaing Bridge, yawning emptiness, as you can see on the photos. All stalls with souvenirs, clothes and food have been dismantled, the schools and kindergarten
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  • The new academic year has started – at least partially

    Patenschaften | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 27.08.2020

    Usually the academic year in Myanmar starts on 1st of June. However, due to COVID-19, this is also different to usual this year. At least for 9th and 10th standard school has started by end of July,.
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  • Living Sponsorships : Nann Htar Kyi – A Pa-Oh girl in Mandalay

    Patenschaften | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 19.08.2020

    In our series „Living Sponsorships“ we report today about a young woman, who is supported since 7 years by Brigitte Falkenstein und her colleague Nathalie Brennecke. Like many children from the ethnic minorities Nann Htar Kyi came as 12 years old girl to Phaung Daw Oo School Mandalay where she lives until now...
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  • Encouragement: “Fan mail” from Barcelona

    Öffentlichkeitsarbeit | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 23.07.2020

    That is badly needed in Corona times. This postcard reached us from an unknown “fan” who recently stayed in Barcelona. He just finished his Master of Science ( MSc ) in North Rhine-Westphalia. We see it as an encouragement to continue with our work, especially in Corona times and despite our harsh criticism of the Rohinga policy of the current government. Only education and education for critical thinking broadens horizons, so that at some point one can discuss these aberrations …
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  • Consequences of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Mingun

    Öffentlichkeitsarbeit | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 16.07.2020

    In his last email the principal of the school Kyaw Kyaw told us about the consequences of the Covid 19 Pandemic for Mingun and its habitants. He and his family are still living in the school as before, but life in Mingun is not as it was before: The busy village....
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  • Return to school at Phaung Daw Oo Monastic High School ( PDO )

    Öffentlichkeitsarbeit | PDOTS | Verein Help Myanmar e.V. | 03.07.2020

    The somewhat relaxed lockdown in Myanmar still applies. Nothing has changed in the travel warnings of the Foreign Office: Foreign visitors (especially tourists) are still not allowed to travel to Myanmar. This of course also makes it impossible to send specialists in cooperation with the Senior Expert Service (SES)...
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  • Family Wolff: Visiting our sponsored students in Mingun

    Patenschaften| Reisebericht | Besuche Help Myanmar e.V. | 18.06.2020

    Dies ist eine (etwas nostalgische) Botschaft aus der verlorenen Normalität. Familie Wolff aus München hat uns einen neuen Bericht von ihrem letzten Besuch in Mingun geschickt. Na ja, so ganz neu ist er nicht mehr. Aber an Aktualität hat er nichts eingebüßt. Nur sind Besuchssituationen...
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  • Tourism Assistant Project (TAP) takes part in Clean Mandalay Campaign at U-Bain Bridge

    TEAMS Help Myanmar e.V. | 28.05.2020

    In our TAP project, which will soon be coming to an end, some participants are still in their internships. They will continue to receive assignments online; for example, they have to create programs for a day trip to Mandalay, for a 3-city tour in one day, or for round trips through Myanmar. There are no more regular classes...

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  • Modern learning methods in times of Corona

    TEAMS Help Myanmar e.V. | 20.05.2020

    Zin Maung Maung as head of TEAMS – Teaching English Association for Monastic Schools has written us the following message:
    In the response to the current pandemic and in order to limit spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19); for the safety of all students, trainees, foreign volunteers and staffs, TEAMS has been temporarily closed since 18 March 2020.
    Our program, TEAMS creates a diverse, inclusive community which can access English Language learning through modern teaching methods to improve...

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  • Direct delivery of protective masks for Mandalay and Mingun

    We have set up a Paypal donation button here. If the donation goes through Paypal, you will automatically receive a donation receipt, because we know the sender address.

    Spenden Help Myanmar e.V. | 14.05.2020

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  • Rice donation: First successes

    We have set up a Paypal donation button here. If the donation goes through Paypal, you will automatically receive a donation receipt, because we know the sender address.

    Spenden | Patenschaften Help Myanmar e.V. | 18.04.2020

    Only a few days after the start of the fundraising campaign, enough money had already been received to make a first transfer to Myanmar. Immediately rice, eggs, oil and salt were bought and distributed. Win Aung sent us a series of photos and a report. Both can be found below. Of course the fundraising campaign continues. At the end of this article you will find the “donation button”. Many thanks in advance. 18. April 2020 kb Win Aung wrote: …
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  • A bag of rice: this makes the corona crisis a little easier to bear.

    We have set up a Paypal donation button here. If the donation goes through Paypal, you will automatically receive a donation receipt, because we know the sender address.

    Spenden | Patenschaften Help Myanmar e.V. | 06.04.2020

    Information About the Impact of COVID-19 on the Families of our Godchildren For a long time no COVID-19 cases were reported from Myanmar. But meanwhile COVID-19 has reached the country also officially. The government had started already several weeks back with precautionary measures. All universities and education institutes were closed...
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  • The expert for the godchildren – Brigitte Falkenstein – visiting on site

    Besuche Patenkinder Post Help Myanmar e.V. | 27.03.2020

    Brigitte Falkenstein is “our specialist for the care of the godchildren”. At the beginning of February she travelled to Myanmar in this capacity. Here a short report. KB …
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  • Christmas Letters from Godchildren

    Patenschaften Help Myanmar e.V. | 02.12.2019

    Also this year many of our godchildren in Mandalay and Mingun have written Christmas letters for their godparents. Since the younger children often do not know what they can write, our staff helped them with ideas…
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  • New projects in Mingun: Nutrition and transportation for the Kindergarten and School Kids


    Neue Schule Mingun Help Myanmar e.V. | 05.11.2019

    The primary school is growing, the amount of children is increasing. Beside more furniture and good school training there are still other important things we take care of. Especially those children, who are living far away, are very grateful for a warm lunch, that has been offered since this year in the kitchen of the Kindergarten…
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  • Neue Grundschule Mingun: Kurz vor der Vollendung


    Neue Schule Mingun Help Myanmar e.V. | 06.10.2019

    Das Projekt Grundschule Mingun geht seiner Fertigstellung entgegen – und ist natürlich in Teilen schon in Betrieb. Damit Sie, liebe Freunde und Förderer und vor allem natürlich alle großzügigen Spender und Sponsoren sehen, was bereits erreicht ist, hier die neuesten Photos aus Mingun. So sieht der Erweiterungsbau der Schule kurz vor...
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